Neuravi Introduces Collaborative Clot Research Initiative at ESMINT Conference in September

Advancing Stroke Therapy through The Science of Clot

Galway, Ireland — Neuravi, a developer of innovative stroke therapy, announced today that it will introduce the Neuravi Thromboembolic Initiative (NTI) during a series of workshops on “The Science of Clot” at the upcoming European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy (ESMINT) conference in Nice. The NTI brings together Neuravi engineers with clinicians and researchers from leading international institutions in an effort to deepen the understanding of the mechanical properties of clot and occlusion dynamics, with the goal of improving the physician’s ability to restore flow in acute ischemic stroke.

The ESMINT conference gathers leaders in minimally invasive neurological therapy from across Europe. “One of the goals of ESMINT is to advance the practice of neuro-intervention through the support of research, education and training,” observed Prof. Laurent Pierot, President ESMINT Congress. “Currently, there is a growing interest in identifying different clots and in understanding how different clot characteristics may impact treatment in acute ischemic stroke. The NTI workshops will help in these efforts.”

The NTI workshops will feature a presentation by Dr. Anastasios Mpotsaris, Uniklinik Köln, as well as interactive hands-on sessions with engineers exploring clot characterization, the dynamics of occlusion formation and clot-device interactions and any potential implications for revascularization. Physicians may sign up to attend the sessions being held September 4-6 by registering via email at

“The NTI represents Neuravi’s commitment to advance the treatment of stroke by investing and collaborating in research to unravel the science of stroke occlusion,” stated Eamon Brady, CEO of Neuravi. “We are excited to have this opportunity to both share and learn with the neurointerventional community during these interactive workshops.”