Chrono Therapeutics Receives Second Fast Track SBIR Grant from National Cancer Institute for Patient-individualized Smoking Cessation Therapy

HAYWARD, Calif., Chrono Therapeutics, a pioneer in digital drug therapy, today announced it has received a second Phase 1 and Phase 2 Fast Track Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant award from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). This award of up to $2.3 million will support final product development of the digital portion of Chrono's patient-individualized smoking cessation therapy as well as pilot efficacy trials of the system. This is the second Fast Track SBIR grant award Chrono has received from the NCI. Chrono successfully executed on a 2012 $2.23M grant that funded early product engineering and a second in human pharmacokinetic study.

Chrono's smoking cessation solution is the first nicotine delivery system to time medication delivery to when smokers' cravings are predictably strongest. The wearable component automatically begins delivering nicotine before smokers wake up, helping to curb the strong morning craving most smokers experience – something other nicotine replacement products cannot do. Embedded with sensors and Bluetooth, the wearable monitors compliance and securely connects with a companion mobile application that provides real-time behavioral coaching in response to cravings and the nicotine-dosing regimen.

"Receiving our second grant award from the NCI is an endorsement of Chrono's cessation platform, which takes a fresh approach to a serious addiction that kills 5 million people worldwide each year," commented Alan Levy, the CEO and Chairman of Chrono Therapeutics

Dr. Michael Burke and Dr. Taylor Hays of the Mayo Clinic are among several of the world's leaders in nicotine dependence treatment working with Chrono to integrate tailored nicotine delivery with evidence-based, proactive and personalized behavioral strategies to help smokers quit.

"Integrating a smart digital coach that leverages the best in behavioral science with a new and adjustable method to deliver nicotine replacement has the potential to save many thousands of lives by providing new hope and support to people struggling to become tobacco free. We are very excited to collaborate with Chrono on this innovation," stated Dr. Burke, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine and Program Coordinator at the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center.

The smoking cessation solution is the first product targeted to be commercialized from Chrono's platform, which represents the convergence of optimized drug delivery, embedded sensor technology to monitor compliance, and connected and personalized behavioral support to transform how medicine is delivered and how people achieve their health goals.

Guy DiPierro, the Founder of Chrono and VP of Intellectual Property and Governmental Affairs commented, "We appreciate NCI's ongoing support and leadership in helping Chrono combat one of the world's leading pandemics."



Effective care of the most hard-to-treat conditions requires approaches beyond simply taking medicine. Chrono's team is developing the first wearable transdermal drug delivery device that optimizes drug dosing, is embedded with sensor technology to track usage and is connected via Bluetooth to an evidence-based smartphone application that delivers real-time personalized behavioral support to keep users on track to achieving their goals. Chrono's first application is in smoking cessation, enabling smokers to overcome the world's deadliest addiction. For more information, visit